Fresh Made Donuts Daily

Our blueberry donuts have been described as "a little piece of heaven." Even customers who have said they don't like donuts absolutely love our blueberry donuts! We make our blueberry donuts every day our store is open. During the summer we offer our cherry donuts on Tues & Thurs. After Labor Day we also offer pumpkin spice and apple donuts. Yum!

We are happy to take orders for donuts! We always appreciate a phone call the night before you need them as our bakers are up in the early morning hours making our donuts fresh each day. We do our very best to guess at how many donuts we need each day and we do sometimes sell out earlier than we would like!

We are also often asked if we ship our donuts? Unfortunately we do not ship our donuts because they are magical when freshly made and the shipping process is not kind to baked goods. We have had folks tell us that they freeze our donuts and warm them up in the oven for a few minutes and they are wonderful!

Please call 616-738-3099 to place your order.

2017 Donut Pricing

$1.00 each, $5.50 per half dozen, $9.75 per dozen.

Wholesale Donuts for Weddings & Events

Would you like to include our donuts in your wedding or special event? We would love to help! We offer wholesale donut orders with special pricing for 8 dozen or more. We would appreciate wholesale orders 3 days in advance of the event, but will do our best to make it happen with short notice.

Donut Varieties offered:

Summer months June/July/August

Blueberry - glazed

Cherry - glazed

Fall months September/October

Blueberry - glazed

Pumpkin - glazed, cinnamon sugar

Apple - glazed, cinnamon sugar or salted caramel frosting

Please email us for more info or to place your order.