U-Pick Blueberries

Come out with the family to enjoy picking your own blueberries, then cool off with a blueberry smoothie or other sweet treat from our bakery. We hope that you enjoy your time at our farm and make wonderful memories with your friends and family!

U-pick Reminders:

When you arrive at our farm to pick your own blueberries, you will check in with our u-pick staff on the northwest side of our farm market building. We provide buckets to pick into and bags for your to take your blueberries home in. You are welcome to purchase a box or bring your own container to transport your berries home!

Please note:

We LOVE our furry family members, but we follow GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and we cannot allow pets in or outside of our fields.

We also cannot allow food or drink other than water in our fields per GAP Guidelines. Please enjoy your food and beverages before or after picking!

Picking blueberries is a wonderful experience for the entire family! We ask that children have constant supervision and stay close with the adults in the group for their safety.

ONLY pick in the field where you are directed by our u-pick staff.

Lastly, we ask all of our guests visiting the farm to remember that our farm, the land, the bushes, and everything you see is our family's livelihood. We put our time, energy and resources into making it the best farm possible since 1954! We ask that you do not throw blueberries, break branches, dig holes in the field rows or anything else that might harm the farm. It is the very last thing we want to do, but we will ask guests to leave if we see disrespectful or destructive behavior to our property and farm.

*As the timing for u-pick always depends on mother nature, it is best to visit our website, facebook, or give us a call to confirm dates/times

About Our Blueberries

Our primary crop is our blueberries with 90 acres grown right here on our farm. We have a few varieties of blueberries on the farm, but most of blueberries are either Blue Crop or Elliot. Some of our bushes have been producing blueberries for over 60 years! We also have young bushes that have recently been planted.

Typical Blueberry Season
Mid-July through Mid-September

Blue Crop Blueberries

We mainly harvest Blue Crop Blueberries, which is a favorite for all! The fruit is medium to large size, and sweet with a delicious blueberry flavor. These berries are generally available mid-July through mid-August.

The Blue Crop blueberry variety is wonderful to eat fresh or freeze for delicious blueberry treats during the winter months. We sell our Blue Crop blueberries both fresh and frozen in our farm market.

Elliott Blueberries

The other major variety that we harvest is the Elliott variety. This fruit is medium to large size with excellent flavor! This variety is not as sweet as the earlier blueberries varieties. These berries are generally available mid-August through mid-September. We sell our Elliott blueberries fresh in our farm market only, we do not u-pick the Elliotts.